Mary Crews is an experienced servant of Christ who preaches the Good News and prophesies to individuals with amazing accuracy

Next Two Online Prophetic Sessions

October 27
1pm and 7pm
Central Time

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As Mary travels to various churches, Christian organizations and conferences, she encourages believers with gracious prophetic words from the Lord. These prophecies serve to strengthen and equip believers to fulfill their destiny in Christ.

Mary is well-trained in the ministry of prophecy. She has a BA in Theology and Ministry from Fountain Gate Bible College. In this season, Mary has been training and mentoring other Christians who are learning about the gift of prophecy. Mary and Brian, her husband, have served the Church in various positions. Since 2003, Brian and Mary have led Open House Christians Church in Plano, Texas.

About Online Prophecy

The next two Online Prophetic Sessions will be on 10/27/2016, at 1pm and 7pm, Central Time.

    About one day a month, Mary Crews speaks in an online meeting where she teaches about prophecy and prophesies individually to those who attend. There are two sessions each lasting approximately 3 hours. Each session is recorded and each prophecy is made available for download on the Recordings page. To connect to a session, you will need:

    You can find an instruction manual in the links below that will guide you through installing the Ventrilo client program on your computer.
    There are no reservations required to participate but there are limitations to how many people can participate in one session. We do not admit people to the session after the session starts because it is disruptive and unfair to those who logged in on time. People who cannot stay for the entire session should wait for a better time to participate.

Choose a date and click on your name to download your prophecy

We only keep prophecies online for a few months. Please download and copy to a disk for safekeeping. We also recommend writing it down. We do not keep a library of past prophecies so please safeguard it.

For problems with or questions about these downloads, try reading through our download instructions or send an email to

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Wednesday, 8-31-2016, 7pm Central Time - Online

Wednesday, 8-31-2016, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 5-26-2016, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 5-26-2016, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 2-25-2016, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 2-25-2016, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 1-21-2016, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 1-21-2016, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 11-19-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 11-19-2015, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 10-22-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 10-22-2015, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 9-24-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 9-24-2015, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 8-13-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 8-13-2015, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 7-23-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 7-23-2015, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 5-21-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 5-21-2015, 1pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 4-16-2015, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 4-16-15, 1pm Central Time - Online

Tuesday, 3-24-15 - Online

Thursday, 2-19-15, 7pm Central Time - Online

Thursday, 2-19-15, 1pm Central Time - Online

Use the form below to contact Mary Crews.

For technical assistance, send an email to:

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Mary does not respond to requests for a personal prophecy. If you would like to receive a prophetic word, then please consider logging on to one of the prophetic sessions.

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How to download and listen to your prophecy

When you click on your name on the 'Recordings' page, the browser will automatically download your prophecy. Once the download is complete, it can be found in the 'Downloads' folder on your computer. The name of the file will be your name, for example:

Extract the mp3 file

Once you've found the folder, you must extract the mp3 file. To do this, double click on the folder to open it. Inside, it should look similar to the example below, where the file named John will be named your name. The file with your name on it is the mp3 file that you need to extract.

inside the zip file

To extract the file, drag it either onto your desktop, or into any folder of your choosing. You should, then, be able to double click on that file and your default music player will play the file. You can also burn it to a disk or load it onto an mp3 player or smartphone.

Download Instructions


Your download will begin now. Your download will appear as a compressed folder. The name of the folder will be '.zip'. For instructions on dealing with compressed folders:


How To Join A Session

Smart phones are banned from prophecy sessions. Because they only run on third party software, they are very difficult for us to troubleshoot and have very often been the cause of disruption during the sessions. Please use either a Windows or Mac OSX computer.

Download and install the client program that is appropriate to your computer. You will not need the server program, just the client program. The website where you can find these programs is

After the client program has been installed you can use these quick step-by-step instructions for getting the program configured and connected into a server.


  1. Start the ventrilo program. (You should have already installed it.)
  2. Click on the -> button (arrow button) that is next to the first pulldown window called User Name.
  3. Click the New button. This will open a small window where you can enter the logon name which is your REAL first name. If you don`t use your real name, there will be confusion and you may not be able to download your recording. Please don't type in anything but your first name here. Last names are not needed. Married couples may type in both first names with an & symbol between (i.e. Bob & Jane).
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Now that you are back to the main window click on the -> button that is next to the pull-down window called Server.
  6. Click the "New" button. This will open a small window where you can enter a name that will describe the new server definition. Type in All Nations Ministries.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click on the Hostname or IP input box and type in (Don't forget the two periods.)
  9. Click on the Port number input box. The program will automatically display the default port number of 3784 but change this to 4329
  10. Click on the Password input box and enter the password which is everlasting
  11. Click OK to return to the Ventrilo main window.
  12. Click Connect to establish a connection between you and the All Nations Ministries server. Do this in advance of the meeting a few days to make sure that you are set up properly. Don't wait to the last minute because we may not be available then to help you.
  13. If you hear tones in your headset or speaker and see a message that starts with "This is the All Nations..." you are logging on properly. Read that message and then close that screen. You should see your name below All Nations Ministries.
  14. To talk, press the Left Ctrl key. Let go of it when you are done talking. If you are the only one on line, you should hear some tones when you press the Left Ctrl key but there will be no one to answer you. (We have noted that for some people using a Macintosh computer, the Left Ctrl key doesn't work. You can click on Setup and change the key to something else.)
  15. You should also click on the Setup button and configure all of the different options that control Ventrilo. This is very important when it comes to controlling the microphone or input source. Once in the Setup dialog click on the Help button. Be sure to read what all of the options are and what they mean. (Don't change anything if you are unsure.) If you are having trouble, then send an email to, otherwise, we'll see you online! Maranatha!

Login Info Reference hostname:
port number: 4329
password: everlasting


Unfortunately there unresolved issues with our server today. As a result, the two sessions planned for today have been canceled.
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date and time:
October 26th at 6:00pm

2200 Church Rd.
Azle, TX 76020

Come join Mary Crews for a night of teaching and ministry at Silver Creek United Methodist Church.